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Your Monthly Coaching Tools Are Here!
Interested in turnkey coaching tools, techniques, and templates to enhance your coaching and training sessions?  Then, you've come to the right place!
Over the last 15 years, we've coached thousands of individuals, developing easy frameworks to help them solve some of their toughest problems.  And, now, we've created this monthly service to deliver these tools right to your Inbox.  Here's how it works.
After placing your order, you'll receive your first set of QuickTools.  In this first set, you'll receive three tools:
  • Strategic Thinking:  Take a strategic approach to problem solving.
  • Building Trust:  Understand the 5 factors that create a trusting relationship.  Then, identify why some people are trustworthy, why others are not, and what you can do about it.
  • Demonstrating Empathy:  Learn a 3 step process for quickly showing people you care while helping them to solve their own problems.  

Then, each month for the next year, you'll receive a new tool focusing on today's most pressing workplace problems:  building influence with or without authority, managing time and stress, bringing workplace values to life, managing up, listening, and more.


Plus, you'll periodically receive an assessment or other tool to increase your self-awareness and confidence.  And, your subscription will renew annually so that you can benefit from new tools as they are developed in the future.


You can use our QuickTools for yourself.  Or, share them with others as you coach others to discover their talents, achieve their goals, and get energized by their work.


This package of QuickTools would easily sell for hundreds of dollars because of the efficiency, productivity, and results people get by using them.  But, our price is just $97 per year.  So, why wait?  The solutions to your problems are just a click away!


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Free Sample:  Prioritizing Based on Impact and Effort
Not sure yet?  Just enter your contact information below.  We'll send you one of our favorite QuickTools absolutely free.  It's called "Prioritizing Based on Impact and Effort" and it's designed to help you identify and communicate your priorities.  It's perfect for your own personal planning, getting team agreement around potential initiatives, and even to support setting priorities at the organizational level. 
With QuickTools, you'll get worksheets, frameworks, and scripts to solve your most pressing problems!
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